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Audience – Who are you and where are you from?


If you are reading this blog post from outside of the Lytham Hall Park, please spare one moment to leave the pupils a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Once approved, each comment will be shown to the pupils and they will be encouraged to reply to you. This will really help the pupils understand that there is a genuine audience out there to write for.


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The Fall of Athens


We had a very informative day today learning all about Thermistocles and the Athenian Golden Age.

What can you remember?

Greek Day

What was the most significant/important part of what we learnt?

Keywords When Searching


Today we learnt about the importance of keywords when searching the internet. We now know that we need to use more than 1 keyword but also need to be precise when searching using search engines like Goolge.

Can you explain why sometimes it’s necessary to check more than 1 website for information?

A Balanced Lifestyle?


Nedd is feeling unhealthy and as a result feels very sad.

His Lifestyle
He goes on one half an hour walk a week.

For his breakfast, he eats a croissant with chocolate spread.

For lunch, he typically will eat a burger and chips, followed by a blueberry muffin. For his tea, he will eat a ready meal curry. Throughout the evening he will snack on biscuits.

Throughout the day, he drinks orange juice.


Where is he going wrong? How can he lead a healthier lifestyle?
Can you design a balanced meal plan for Nedd to eat on a typical day?

Archie’s speech


Archie was chosen as our candidate to represent year 4 Hall at the Headteacher elections.

Here is what he had to say:

Archie representing our Class from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

School Election for Headteacher for a Day


Yesterday morning we listened to the candidates ideas for being a Headteacher for a day! Some very varied but interesting ideas.

Headteacher for a day!


The Must Buy Chocolate Bar!


Yesterday year 4 Hall were practising their radio adverts for their own chocolate bar creations!



This no ordinary chocolate bar! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

Chocolate mooooooose! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

On Safari!


We had a great time at the Zoo last Friday learning about different animals and their habitats.

Year 4 Hall Zoo Trip

Raising awareness!


We had a visitor today from the NSPCC who helped show us the great work that the NSPCC does. We are going to be doing some fund raising for the NSPCC in the coming weeks. Year 4 will be doing a … danceathon!!!!


Keep posted for more information!

Maths Challenge!


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